NMR for Chemistry & Enzymology

Block II M,W,F 1:20-2:10pm, Belfer 1001 (or Ullmann B8 for Labs), 12/2/2013 - 2/7/2014


Course Leaders: Mark Girvin and Sean Cahill


Course Description: The course will provide a gentle introduction to basic NMR theory, and a more thorough treatment of the application of NMR to solving chemical and biochemical problems. Topics will include one- and two-dimensional methods applied to: the covalent structure and conformation of small molecules, ligand binding and exchange rates, pKa values, and enzyme mechanisms. Formal lectures will be combined with hands-on sessions in the NMR lab, where students will be assigned projects to be completed on the NMR spectrometers

Course Format: We will assign material posted on ANGEL (and/or emailed) to be read before each class, and use the class time to discuss the assigned reading, additional applications based on the reading, and go over assigned short problem sets. The last 2-3 class sessions will be devoted to topic overviews followed by student presentations.

Course Material: Please login to the ANGEL server for syllabus, course materials, assignments and problem sets. For students with Mac or Windows laptops, iNMR (www.inmr.net) can be used to process and analyze NMR data from the labs and exercises.

Grading: Labs: 50% Problem Sets: 30% Presentation: 20%

Note: Postdocs and others are welcome to sit in. Please contact Mark Girvin for further details.

Course Syllabus for 2013

2012 NMR Course Syllabus (includes links to lecture and lab notes)